kim_hudson's Media Stream

Bella's Fall Coat

Read-aloud of author Lynn Plourde's book


7 Days in a Week

This is the Days of the Week song with the Barney lyrics, but Barney is no where near!


Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm

Read aloud of Joy Cowley's book, Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm

How Do Apples Grow?

Read Aloud of author Jill McDonald's book

The Pumpkin Life Cycle Song

A cute song about the life cycle of a pumpkin for early childhood

Dissect a Pumpkin

Video showing the dissection of a pumpkin

A Pumpkin Grows

Scholastic video about the life cycle of a pumpkin

Leaf Rubbing

This video has a child showing how to do a leaf rubbing with crayons, paper, and tape.

Autumn is here!

Video about changes that autumn brings that includes a simple explanation of why leaves change color.

Learn about Fall

A simple lesson about fall for preschoolers that teaches some vocabulary words like migrate and hibernate.

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down song

An early childhood song about falling autumn leaves.


Autumn Leaf Painting

This is a video showing how to take green leaves of different shapes and paint around them to make a fall leaf picture.

Autumn Leaves STEAM art project

Using coffee filters, markers and water to make fun fall leaves

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Cow!

Read aloud of story by Lucille Colandro

Apple Fruit Factory Tour with Blippi

A video for young children featuring a kinda goofy guy named Blippi, who takes us on a field trip from the orchard to the factory to the grocery store.

Lowery Hudson Werner 2019-20 Afternoon Preschool

Slideshow of our wonderful moments with our amazing kiddos throughout the school year.

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Several easy experiments for preschool parents to do with their children

The Driveway is LAVA game

Outdoor version of the imaginary Floor is Lava game. Space the circles you draw apart according to children's height and ability level.

Hopscotch Ideas for Kids

Some simple variations on hopscotch for preschoolers to encourage hopping on one and two feet, as well as shape and/or number identification,

Lara the Yellow Ladybird

Early childhood story about a ladybug with yellow wings who is unhappy she doesn't look like her friends. Similar to Elmer the Elephant.

Lily and the Moon

A simple claymation-type animation of a little ladybug and her special search with friends for a ladybug on the moon. Appropriate for early childhood.

I Want To Be An Entomologist - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

A cute animated description of how an entomologist studies ants and bees. The end says you can be anything you want to be!


The Rainbow Song

An attempt at singing The Rainbow Song on key for my preschoolers!

How Many Fingers? Game

Simple math game to play with kids using only fingers!


Walking Rainbow Science Experiment

Paper Chromatography using 7 cups/glasses, water, and red, yellow, and blue food coloring or biocolor, and 6 paper towels.


Butterfly: A Life by National Geographic

This is the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly from egg to adult butterfly.


Inchworm and Butterfly Yoga for Kids

Simple early childhood video with a few exercises related to butterflies.

Sidewalk chalk sensory walk

This is an example of a "sensory walk" you can draw on a sidewalk for developing gross motor skills. You can adapt it according to age level and abilities.

Grow Flower Grow! by Lisa Bruce

A short cute story about a little girl who feeds a sprout all kinds of things to make it grow ... even spaghetti. What happens when she gives up and tosses it outside?


The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

This is a read-aloud of The Tiny Seed,

Butterfly World Field Trip

Virtual field trip to a butterfly science center.

How to plant an Urban Garden | G.R.O.W. Project Field Trip

This is a virtual field trip to an urban garden. It shows the life cycle of a plant, as well as what happens before it can be sold to the public.

Homemade playdough

This is basically a salt-dough recipe with no cream of tartar and no cooking.


I Can Save the Earth by Alison Inches

Cute story for younger children about how a green monster learns how to be a good earth steward.

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

Read aloud of Parr's book about taking care of the Earth.

Earth Day Sun Salutation for Kids

This is a 3:41 minute video for younger kids showing how to do the Sun Salutation yoga sequence.

Fast and Slow with Patty Shukla

Fast and slow action song for young children