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Exiting ST Math

Click the arrow in the bottom left corner on each screen. Then the red X.

Exiting ST Math

Click the arrow in the bottom left corner on each screen. Then the red X.

Fraction Action Math Read Aloud

Interest your students in fractions with this book that shares about simple fractions with everyday applications.

Racing Around A Book About Perimeter

Racing Around A Book About Perimeter

Area and Perimeter Song For Kids 3rd

Area and Perimeter Song For Kids 3rd

Math Antics- Area

From Video on area.

Chrome Sign In

JOT: How to sign in to the Chrome browser

Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse

Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse read by Katie Jackson

Teen Drive 365 Video Challenge

The 2017 TeenDrive365 Video Challenge is accepting entries! Learning to drive is one of the coolest times for a teen. But facts have shown it can be extremely dangerous. You have the power to inspire your fellow teens, maybe better than a teacher or a parent can, because you know what messages will be the most powerful. Create a 30-60 second video for your fellow teen drivers that highlights the importance of safe teen driving and you could win $15,000, or one of 14 other prizes! Contest ends February 23, 2017

Build a Snowman with Google Slides

Published on Dec 18, 2016 See how your students can use the free "Build a Snowman" template for Google Slides to make their own custom snowman, and to write about what they have created. This is a fun activity that encourages creativity and develops writing skills. For more details and to get your own copy of the template, go to:

Prepare Students for the World in which They Will Live

Nine educators on changes needed in K-12 education to prepare students for the world in which they will live.

NEWSELA Teacher Binder

Newsela PRO's Binder tracks the actions your students take and organizes this information into three easy to use categories: Assignments, Classes, and Student Progress.

Getting Started with NEWSELA PRO 101

Published on Jan 14, 2016 In this 10-minute presentation, you will learn what Newsela is, how to register both yourself and your students, and a few key steps to successfully get started. After the presentation, there are 6 minutes of question/ answer. This training is perfect for educators who are new to Newsela.

Why Do We Ask Questions

Michael Stevens the persona behind the YouTube sensation Vsauce, is an online personality with an entertaining approach to explaining the science behind seemingly ordinary, everyday phenomena. Michael's videos have been watched over 400 million times and Vsauce's 4.5 million subscribers continues to add an astonishing 15 thousand subscribers each day. Michael lives in London where he works for Google as an in-house consultant for other creators on the platform.

Schoology: Reordering Courses

Directions on how to reorder Schoology courses in the dropdown list.

The Future Requires Unlearning

In order to prosper in the future, Jack Uldrich encourages us to "unlearn" so that we may find our best practices.

SLO Submission

Directions on how to submit SLOs through PD Express

Life of a Teacher

NEA President's Speech about the "Life of a Teacher"

Think Tank 2016

We believe that our best ideas come from the minds of everyday people, our teachers, your peers. Every amazing thing you see in our district has an idea as its foundation. Some were created by one individual's perseverance, many by pure luck, and others by keen strategy. Think Tank is a gathering of ideas, where both their creators and consumers collide. A place where ideas come to be shared, grow, and develop into practice.

Jaime Casap, 2016 OETC Keynote

Jaime Casap's opening general session at the 2016 Ohio Educational Technology Conference on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. As Google’s Global Education Evangelist, Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of the web, technology and Google tools as enabling and supporting capabilities in pursuit of creating powerful learning models. He works with educational organizations around the world, helping them find ways to improve continuously the quality of education by utilizing and enabling technology capabilities. He is a member of the Google for Education Team and an adviser to the Google Fiber Team, the Google Policy Team and the Google Capital Team. Born and raised as a first-generation American to a single mother on welfare in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Jaime understands and appreciates the power that education has on changing the destiny of a family in just one generation. Jaime serves on the board of directors for the Arizona Science Foundation, New Global Citizens, and serves in advisory roles to dozens of organizations focused on education and access.