jennifer_sarnovsky's Media Stream

Your Three Words

end of year activity

masked singer

video for science lab

Amanda Gorman Inaugural Poem

inaugural poem 2021

one word for kids

Read aloud of One Word for Kids

Types of Government Trailer

short intro to governments video

Character Traits and Feelings

short video about character traits versus character feelings

Changing Shadows Lab Video

changing shadows lab video

Changing Shadows Lab Video

changing shadows lab video

Science Writing-Bullets

Lesson about organizing writing

Flocabulary Age of Exploration

Flocabulary video about European Explorers

Who Discovered America In a Nutshell

cartoon video about who discovered the Americas

Traits of Civilization

Brief video describing the eight traits of civilization

Notice and Note Introduction

Introductory video for Notice and Note philosophy

Intro to WW

video to introduce the Words of the Wiser Signpost

Intro to TQ

video to introduce the Tough Questions Signpost

Brainstorming a Personal Narrative

Cute video that introduces ways to brainstorm a personal narrative.

Signposts Song

Silly song to explain the signposts

Notice and Note Signposts Introduction

short video to introduce the purpose of the signposts

Contrasts and Contradictions

introductory video about NN Contrasts and Contradictions

Longitude and Latitide

a short video about the lines of latitude and longitude and hemispheres

How did Early Sailors Navigate?

short video overviewing the methods early explorers used to navigate

Mayan Math

Background information about the Mayan Mathematical system.

Building the Perfect Shark Exhibit

Video about building an aquarium for sharks. Goes with an extension activity for fifth grade volume in mathematics.


A 27 minute video about the consequences of animals living in zoos. Useful for Argument writing unit for 5th grade.

Wild Foxes as Housepets

Video for a multimedia text set about foxes, to be used with PAX.

Harry Potter -- Light and Darkness

An excerpt from Harry Potter to use for NN Words of the Wiser

La Luna

Pixar short film used to teach NN Tough Questions

Pixar Presto

video for use in teaching NN Contrast and Contradiction

Wonder -- Natalie Merchant

Video of Natalie Merchant's Wonder from Storytellers (1996)

Globe - Teacher and the Rockbots

A funny video describing the globe, continents, oceans, poles, equator, prime meridian, and hemispheres.

The Seven Continents Song

A cute song to help students remember the seven continents.

Flocabulary -- Latitude and Longitude

Flocabulary song to help remember latitude and longitude.

Dr. Nagler's Laboratory Latitude and Longitude

A fun video explaining latitude and longitude lines on the globe.

Recycling: Plastic Bottles

video about the impact of recycling plastic bottles

Environmental Impact of Bottles

Video for persuasive writing---bottled water debate

Plastic Bottles and Ocean Pollution

Video about plastic bottles and the pollution of our oceans