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Why We Celebrate Women's Day?

Celebrate Women's Month

Tortoise and the Hare

Aesop Fable Read Aloud

Too Much Glue

An artistic story about a little boy that just loves his glue! Now what could go wrong with that? Listen to find out how his friends help out.

Arthur Full episode Buste'rs Secret Admirer

Buster receives a box of chocolates in the mail from a secret admirer. Could it be Fern? Muffy? Francine?! It's driving him crazy! Who could possibly like him that much??

Dragons Love Tacos

Read aloud Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

My Favorite Thing

A story read aloud about Alberta and the many things she likes and does not like.

Fact or opinion

Short video clip showing the difference between an opinion and a fact.

Ormie the Pig Wants a Cookie

Video clip to represent problem and solution

Ormie the Pig Problem & Solution

This is an animated clip of a pig trying to get a cookie. Use it for story retelling for problem and events in a story.

How to Draw Holiday symbols

How to draw winter holidays

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman

Mommy's Khimar

This is a book about a girl who loves her mother's scarf.

The first thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving

How to Draw a Scarecrow

How to draw a scarecrow

How to Draw a Scarecrow

How to draw a scarecrow

How to Draw Pumpkins in a Wagon

How to Draw Pumpkins in a Wagon

How to Draw A Haunted House

How to Draw a Haunted HOuse

Jessica by Kevin Henkes

The story Jessica read aloud with music in the background.

Miss Rumphius

Read aloud of the book Miss Rumphius

Owen by Kevin Henkes

The book Owen read aloud by the author, Kevin Henkes

Shelia Rae the Brave

Living Books Shelia Rae the Brace read aloud


Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Chester's Way

Read Aloud of Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes

Roller Coaster Ride

Virtual Ride on a Roller Coaster

How to Draw Health Heroes

A lesson shows how to draw doctors for Thankful Thursday.

The Fraction Song

Numerator and Denominator

Second grade Economics

Shortage and surplus. Video teaches economic vocabulary

How money is made

Video on how money is made.

Field Trip to a Money Factory

Video shows how money is made

Crayon Factory

Video shows how crayons are made.


Economics, How is money made?

Eve Bunting

St. Patrick's day Read Aloud

Franklin's Christmas

Franklin's Christmas

Blue Jackets Meals on Wheels

Giving back to the community

Odd Todd and Even Steven

A short cartoon that teaches odd and even numbers

Expanded Form

Children learn how to write numbers in expanded form.

Place Value House

Children learn about the ones, tens, and hundreds

Place Value lesson

Children identify the ones, tens and hundreds column

Place Value Video

Children learn the term digit and the ones, tens, hundreds column.

Place value grouping

Ones, tens, hundreds

Place Value Song

Song and cartoon describing place value to hundreds column.

Comparing three digit numbers

Comparing three digit numbers

Comparing three digit numbers

Comparing three digit numbers

Comparing three digit numbers

Learn to find the greater number by looking at the hundreds column.

Comparing Numbers

Children learn about the greater than, less than and equal sign.

The Water Cycle Song

An animated video about the water cycle put to music.

Let's Draw Bodies of Water

Step by step directions on drawing bodies of water

What is a cloud song

Song and dance explaining that a cloud is made up of tiny bits of ice.

Types of Clouds Game

Game to reinforce different types of clouds

Drawing clouds

Drawing cartoon clouds


What are clouds and how are they formed?

Three Main Types Of Clouds

The Three Main Clouds - Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus

Subtraction across zero

Subtraction across zeros

Subtraction worksheet

Subtraction worksheet

fact family dominoes

fact family dominoes



Subtraction with regrouping

Subtraction with regrouping

Let's Draw a Pilgrim

Step by step directions on drawing Pilgrims using simple lines.

Hey Honey Bunny

A song about the value of a penny, nickel and a dime.


This video shows multiplication as equal groups

My Dog Multiplication Song

Multiplication Song

Multiplication Ping Pong

Video explains the commutative property of multiplication

Multiplying using groups

Video shows how multiplication is equal groups

Let's Draw Frankenstein

Step by step directions of drawing Frankenstein. Great for fall party.

How to Draw George Washington

Step by step directions on how to draw a cartoon George Washington

Plimoth Plantation

Take a trip back i time to the days of the Pilgrims through this virtual tour of Plimoth Plantation.

The Wampanoag Way

Story of the Wampanoag tribe 400 years ago

The Story of the First Thanksgiving

The animated story of the First Thanksgiving through the perspective of the rock.

Thanksgiving Poem

Poem about the first Thanksgiving

The Story of the First Thanksgiving

Story of the First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Defines popular words used around the Thanksgiving Holiday

Berenstain Bear Thanksgiving Turkey

Berenstain Bear book read aloud while words are highlighted

Let's Draw a Cornucopia

Step by step drawing of a cornucopia

The Penny Pot

Math Picture book about money and counting coins.

PIgs Will Be Pigs

Children's book about coins.

Money part 2

Counting coins

Learning Money

Discusses the value of coins

The Water Bodies for Kids

Describes different bodies of water.

Oceans of the World

Video shows the location of the 5 oceans and some fun facts about each.

Draw a treasure map

Short video showing children to use simple lines to draw a treasure map

The Five Ocean Song

Another version of the 5 Ocean song

There's A Map on My Lap

The Dr. Seuss book There's a Map on My Lap is read aloud to the children.

Five ocean song

Song to teach children the name of the 5 oceans.

Let's Draw Landforms

Shows children how to draw simple landforms. Supplies needed are paper, black marker, and crayons.

Learning About Landforms

I fun video describing different types of landforms.

Exploring Landforms

Landform video

Continents of the World

Teaches children about the 7 continents of the world and give some fun facts about each.

How Butter Is Made

The Video shows how a modern dairy makes butter. I use this video to compare the changes in technology from a butter churn on a farm, to a dairy of today.

Near Doubles

Addition doubles plus one strategy

Seeing Doubles

Doubles plus one fact strategy

You Carry Over

Song about double digit addition with regrouping

Double Digit addition

Double digit addition with regrouping

A Place for Zero

Picture book

Place Value Introduction

Video introduces ones, tens, hundreds using base ten blocks

Kid President Socktober

Kid President urges students to get involved in the national Socktober sock collection for people in need.

Domino stunts

Force and Motion

How to Help Your Child Read at Home

This is a short 2 minute video for parents on how they can help their children read at home and what questions to ask.

Greater Than, Less Than Song

Teaches greater than and less than using an alligator's mouth.

Number Gators

Teaches greater than and less than using an alligator's mouth.

Counting to 1000

Counting to 1000 and putting numbers in order

Even Number Song

Song that teaches even numbers and double facts

Onomatopoeia Creative Project

Fun examples of sound words


"Onomatopoeia" Crash! Bash! Boom! Pow! In this song, learn about special words that imitate sounds. What's that??? It's Onomatopoeia!

The Magic E Song

This video is an entertaining was to teach students the role of the silent e at the end of the word.