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Changing Voice - Male Warmups for OMG

Use these warmups on a daily basis before working on your music for your 15 minute practice time.


Diction Exercise

Diction Singing Exercise

Singing Exercises with Good Vowel Shapes

Demonstration of good vowel shapes with exercises.

Signing With Proper Vowel and Consonant Formation

A brief video addressing proper vowel and consonant formation.

Harlem Boys' Choir

A short video about the Harlem Boys' Choir.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

A short video on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Johannesburg Massed Choir Festival

An informational video about the Johannesburg Massed Choir Festival.

Professional Vocal Warm-up - 1 EricArceneaux

Learn how to open up your voice at the beginning of a singing session.