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How to customize your myOLSD portal and use the different features like My Backpack.

Student Technology Series

Tutorials outlining how to use district technology

Microsoft Outlook Email Series

This series explains how to manage, navigate, create, and schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook on all three different platforms. The client, the web, and a cell phone.

Parent Video Series

The purpose of this video series is to provide Parents with technology support at home.

Building Visit-Discussion Toolkit

In this short video, we are going to learn how to use talk moves to create more meaningful discussions that serve classroom learning. This will be broken down into 3 small parts. How to start a Schoology Discussion, how to create an engaging prompt both in looks and in-depth, and how to teach students to use the Talk Moves.

Schoology Conferences Overview (STUDENTS)

This video gives an overview of the viewer's (student) capabilities in a Schoology Conference.

Downloading Microsoft Teams on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook

How to download the Microsoft Teams client for a personal PC or Mac.

Integrating Peardeck with Schoology

How to use the external tool feature to directly embed a Peardeck into Schoology

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream—the video service in Microsoft 365—makes it easy to create, securely share, and interact, whether in a team or across your organization.

Student Email Etiquette (High School Only)

Proper email etiquette when using your Olentangy email account.


Student Email on Mobile Outlook Tutorial

How to use Microsoft Outlook on a cell phone.

myOLSD Student Overview

This tutorial explains how to access, navigate, and customize your myOLSD portal.

Logging into Google Chrome (Student)

How to access your bookmarks and extensions

Screen Recording Options 20-21

1. Screencastify (free version) 2. Microsoft Stream 3. Smart Recorder 4. Microsoft Teams 5. PowerPoint 6. Schoology

Inviting Parents to a Teams Meeting and Best Practices

How to create a Teams meeting invite and best practices in facilitating that online meeting.

(Web) Using the Outlook Calendar

This tutorial explains how to use the Outlook calendar on the web.

(Web) Email Signature in Outlook

This tutorial explains how to create an email signature in Outlook using the district template.

(Web) Using the Outlook Directory

This tutorial explains how to use the directory feature in Outlook in the web.

(Web) Organizing your Outlook Inbox

This tutorials explains how to organize your inbox if you use Outlook in the web.

Creating Student Account on a Mac

This tutorial explains how to set up a new user on a Mac.

Logging into Google Chrome

This tutorial explains how to get your child logged into Google Chrome, our recommended browser of choice in Olentangy.

Creating Student Account on a PC

This tutorial shows how to set up a PC for multiple accounts.

Creating Student Accounts on Chromebooks

This tutorial explains how to setup a personal Chromebook for multiple accounts.

Using Borderless Classroom to Manage & Support Student Learning

This video also explains how to utilize Borderless Classroom to assist with social distancing protocols.

My Backpack in myOLSD

How to send notifications, custom links and view student analytics from the My Backpack button in the portal. Stepsheet-

Personalizing myOLSD

This tutorial explores how to customize, organize, and personalize your myOLSD portal.

Setting Up Schoology For An A/B Schedule

Setting up courses to accommodate a hybrid schedule

Back To School Menu Overview

How to navigate the Back to School Menu

What Microsoft 365 Apps Are Available?

Microsoft 365 Apps is one of the most productive and most secure application quite in education, allowing your schools and classrooms to work together seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

Uploading Parent/Student Technology Guide to Your Courses

Copy this folder to your courses to better support student and parents in using district technology.

Uploading Parent/Student Technology Guide to Your Courses

Copy this folder to your courses to better support student and parents in using district technology.

Making Schoology Accessible for All Students

Ways to provide "full access" to course content in Schoology Information provided by: Emily Garrison Coordinator of Educational Technology & Libraries Palo Alto Unified School District

Schoology Course Picture

Using a picture/icon to clearly identify a course

Differentiation in Schoology (Maintaining Confidentiality)

This webinar covers how to create a course, change the privacy settings to hide the member tab, and how to individually assign folders to students and groups.

Parent Schoology Navigation and Notification

For help with Schoology Navigation and Notifications

Logging in to Google Chrome

Don't forget to click LINK DATA


Think Tank 2019-The After Movie

Thank you for attending the conference this year.


Olentangy Local Schools Brand Reveal

Olentangy Local Schools Brand Reveal

Logging Into Lexia through Ipad

**Must download Lexia app before you startt his process** 1. Click on Safari 2. Log into myOLSD 3. Click on Lexia Application 4. No further information is required. If your student has an account they will automatically be logged in.


Scientific Method Song Unit 1 - 17

Unit 1 Science Videos


Think Tank Text Message

Final call to sign up is May 7th.


The Dot

Self Confidence Story w/ Music

Catlin Tucker Keynote Preview

Exploring the challenges of the modern classroom.

Think Tank Trailer

In an ever-changing world, educators are tasked with regularly revising their practice to remain effective in the classroom. Although the rate of change is staggering - learning remains the constant. Our continued success can only be attributed to the Olentangy teaching staff who create and innovate within the classroom. Maximum learning occurs when we remain rooted in evidence-based best practice while pushing the limits of teaching and learning - exploring ideas that exist outside the lines. Please join us for two days of learning showcasing Olentangy teachers and guest speakers who will expose you to innovative and purposeful ideas.

Logging in to Chromebooks

A streamlined way to get all students logged in to Chromebooks efficiently.

Just One Thing-TangyTube

Use just a link from Youtube to upload videos to TangyTube. NO MORE CONVERTING OR DOWNLOADING!

Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker: Episode 1 – Introduction to Blended Learning

This first episode of the Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker video series, provides an introduction to blended learning. Catlin and her students share why they transitioned to a blended model and the impact it has had in the classroom. She also provides an overview of the three models employed in her classroom - Station Rotation, Flipped Classroom, and Whole Group Rotation - and how she balances them.

Tsunami hits Durban Beach!

Huge Waves hit beachgoers in Durban - Cyclonic Weather Large swells caused a wave to come up right to where many were standing on the beach causing mass panic!


Tsunami | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Hey Kids! Wanna know what is Tsunami? Where does the Tsunami originate from? What are its causes? Worry not, Dr. Binocs is here to explain it all in a fun way for you!


Just One Thing- Clipgrab

In the first episode of Just One Thing we present Clipgrab. ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, and many other online video sites.

Hurricane | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Dr. Binocs is here to explain Hurricane in his own style. Watch the video and learn all about Hurricane.

Just One Thing-Schoology/Google Assignments

The Google Drive Assignments App enables instructors to assign Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slideshows, and Drawings from directly within the Schoology platform. Once assigned, students can make their own copies of the content to work on and submit, and the instructor can then provide feedback and grade the assignment, all without leaving Schoology.

PowerTeacher Pro Comments

How to easily access your old comments and use them with the new PowerTeacher Pro.

Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Educators

Ever have questions about your rights regarding education records? This short video highlights the key points of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Ask Before You App

What if I want to use an education app or tool and I don’t know if my school/district has vetted it?

Evaluating Website Privacy and Security

Are websites protecting your privacy?

Student Privacy for Educators

An overview of student data and privacy for K12 educators and administrators.

Adding Building Printers

Video walkthrough on how to add building printers to your computer.

Thank You

Thank you for participating in the Think Tank 2017. Your support of and participation in this special event are sincerely appreciated. We are already looking forward to next year!

Think Tank 2017 Teaser

Be exposed to innovative and purposeful ideas of other Olentangy teachers. Leverage the power of collaboration to promote action. Expand professional network and opportunities for collaboration across the district.

The Classroom Chef

The best lesson is like a fine meal, and you are the Classroom Chef. Unfortunately, when teaching feels hard it seems impossible to get every item on your to-do list, the tendency is to rely upon fast food. The Classroom Chef shares secret recipes, ingredients, and tips for serving up lessons that engage students and help them "get" math, however, these strategies can be applied to all content areas. You can use these ideas and methods as-is, or better yet, tweak them and create your own enticing educational meals. The message the authors want to convey is that, with imagination and preparation, every teacher can be a Classroom Chef. Participants will receive a copy of the book “The Classroom Chef” by John Stevens & Matt Vaudrey to complete this study. Join the book study through ODPA Express

Olentangy Blended Learning Framework

Blended learning involves leveraging the technology to afford each student a more personalized learning experience, including increased student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

LTES-Blended Learning-Station Rotation

Stations- teacher, technology, problem-solving, indepedent

OLMS Student-Centered Classroom

3 stations- teacher led, student collaboration, technology

Installing Google Read & Write

How to properly install Google Read & Write for Olentangy staff

Notice & Note Nonfiction- Contrast and Contradictions

When you are reading and the author shows you a difference between what you know and what is happening in the text. Or A difference between two or more things in the text, you should stop and ask yourself “What is the difference and why does it matter?”

Notice & Note Nonfiction- What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I already knew

At first I thought but... I had to rethink... My understanding changed when... I was right/wrong about...

Notice & Note Nonfiction- What the author thinks I already know MODEL

The most common confusion is unknown vocabulary the author uses. The second most common confusion is not being able to visualize what the author is saying.

Notice & Note Nonfiction- What Surprised Me Model

Surprising information in nonfcition is simply something we had not know or had not considered.


Notice & Note Nonfiction- What does the author think I already know

This video will help identify the "it" in the "I don't get it"

Notice & Note Nonfiction-What Surprised Me

Surprised by new information, suspicious information, clarifying information, and a different perspective.

A Teacher's Guide to Performance Level Descriptors

To make the most of performance level descriptors, teams have to commit to having a collaborative conversation about reporting, student work, and the descriptors. This is why we have worked so diligently over the last several years to embed collaborative time into the work day: to allow grade level teams time to collaborate around student learning. Approaching collaboration using the following steps will facilitate a more effective process.

Conrast and Contradictions

A character does or says something unexpected, surprising or "out of character." The words and/or actions go against something previously said or done.

Elementary Progress Reports

OLSD elementary progress reports will be changing in 2016-2017. This video reviews the changes.

Google Docs Basics

Learn your way around Google Docs!

Chromebook Care Lego Style

Caring for your Chromebook.